New Module

I'm not a wheel, but I have lots of spokes.
My name sounds like a flower to quite a few folks.
I'm colorful, but flat as can be.
Before you build a runway, you'd better build me....

I have a can, but it's not for beer.
One of my inlets is hopefully near.
I'm installed during construction, with any luck.
You'll think I'm great, though I really suck....

I look for leaks, but I'm not a
home inspector.
I love balance, but I'm not an
art collector.
Sometimes I'm frustrating to find.
Sometimes I'll save your behind.....

Near the beginning of the inspection,
you'll use me once or twice.
But you'll need another way
if you use me more than thrice....

I'm a durable product, and never break down.
I'm both an adjective
and a noun.
I'm found on some government buildings
and hotels deluxe.
I'm a malleable material
and cost a few bucks.
You'll never see me rot, stain or rust.
Recycling me is an absolute must....